Earth’s Task Force needs your help. Answer the call!

Invasion Day is a highly stylised, humorous RTS/MMO game that pays homage to classic sci-fi culture. It’s 50’s ray guns, UFO’s and towering tripods VS choppers, tanks and giant robots.

Pick a side and play as the Martians invading Earth or the Marines defending humanity from total annihilation. Form alliances with friends and battle collectively to achieve galactic domination! Both factions have their own unique economy and upgrade tree that is unlocked as players progress.

Invasion Day’s full 3D environment allows players to immerse themselves in the game as they zoom, rotate and tilt the camera through the battlefield. Switch to first person perspective and look up at towering tripods invading your base! Take command of ground troops, vehicles and aircraft to strategically annihilate your opponents. Deploy 100’s of units on screen and set waypoints for strategic attacks.